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We know what running a business means

Managing one’s business is based on multi-surface actions and taking strategic decisions, which have long-term effects on the success of a company. Well-defined processes, assigned tasks and responsibility are the foundation of balanced growth. If we decide to use the services of an external company to support our business in the most important professional challenges, we feel better when, apart from professionalism, we can see the honest and friendly human face of its specialists – this is Advantim.


Involvement of the partners at each stage of the project.

We are the Team. Committed, young people having experience and international knowledge.

We like ourselves.
We like our profession.

Your professional challenges are the driving force for our mutual success.

From plans to summary with a smile and effective work.


Professionalism and smile are our foundations

Our clients are small, medium-sized and big companies from Poland and abroad. We support foreigners in learning Polish realities of running a business. We verify the expenses borne in the course of EU subsidies for Polish companies. Basing on our experience, we are sure that achieving the established goals relies on an interactive process, having its foundation in an active communication with the Management Board.



Audit and consulting

Our work model is based on the standardized process: Planning and identification> Estimation and study scheme> Implementing the plan> Reporting> Summary

Audit and other attestation services, including audit of financial statements and verifying the correctness of spending the EU subsidies.
Interim management, that is the short-term management in the Finance and Accounting Department of the client’s company during the transition period resulting from organizational or personal changes.
Planning and participation in the implementation of finance and accounting systems together with the introduction of internal control system.
Audit and other attestation services, including audit of financial statements and verifying the correctness of spending the EU subsidies.
Employee training at every level in the field of finances, taxes and accounting.



We provide accounting services for small and medium-sized companies. We introduce foreign enterprises to Polish tax guidelines.

Constant and complex accounting services for entities conducting business activity and obliged to keeping synthetic and analytical accounting records.
Keeping tax records, assessing all provided documents with regard to their formal and legal correctness.
Keeping monthly accounting records, sorting, assigning using the chart of accounts.
Preparing the VAT return.


We want to be your advisor, so we constantly react to arising additional needs of your company in the field of finance.

We want to be your advisor, so we constantly react to arising additional needs of your company in the field of finance.

Review of the documentation, accounting and payment procedures, including keeping payroll records and duties connected with tax liability and social security.
Representing the Company in any kind of of audits, external and internal, or tax/fiscal audit.
Keeping suitable off-balance tax records.
Making additional reports and statements, as well as corrections to accounting data.
Retrieving or repairing records and accounting operations which have been lost or not recorded due to a breakdown.


Let’s meet

Advantim is a team of graduates from the best-known Polish universities. This is where they acquired the knowledge and gained their first experience in the field of finance. The time they spent on studying, contacts with friends from universities, as well as years of experience in audit companies, Polish and foreign ones representing the “Big Four”, resulted in founding the professional company with high reputation and clearly defined professional goals. A group of licensed Statutory Auditors represents the highest level of services for demanding clients.


Paweł Kurus


Statutory auditor with many years of experience. Examines, analyzes, concludes and creates processes.

Graduated from the SGH Warsaw School of Economics with specialization in Finance and Banking, Quantitative Methods and Information Systems. Many years of experience in auditing separate and consolidated financial statements, which he gained in one of the “Big Four” companies, have proven his position on the market. His knowledge in the field of accountancy and international accounting standards, as well as his oratory skills, allow him to conduct professional courses for the clients. What is more, the experience in examining group reporting packages of companies belonging to international corporate groups, reviewing financial statements and reporting packages, taking part in testing internal control systems for “SOX”, participation in preparing prospectuses, have allowed him to specialize in the fields of production, real estate market, commerce, services, automotive industry and pharmaceutical market. Statutory auditor, the backbone of our Team, he exemplifies the most important virtues we follow: honesty and stability.


Katarzyna Kurus


She will adapt every financial procedure to the existing information system. From accounting to specialized financial audits.

Graduated from the University of Economics K. Adamieckiego in Katowicewith the specialization in Finance and Banking. Her experience and knowledge result from working for 11 years as the key statutory auditor in one of the “Big Four” companies. She specializes in accounting, controlling and due diligence services. Her unique specialization is her cooperation with clients with the use of their own information systems, which is an important economic and growth factor for both sides. Katarzyna Kurus has experience in auditing financial statements prepared according to Polish and International Financial Reporting Standards. Statutory auditor, member of our team, whose passion and inclination for learning market innovations make our company develop.


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